Testing some new watercolours

Dayler Rowney Artists Range I found the Dayler Rowney paints to mainly be of a good mix and little separation had occurred in the tubes, apart from the mars violet which required emptying some liquid  for some time before any paint came out of the tube. This is not uncommon even in good brands of […]

A New Chapter

The Past few months have been a strange period of mass adjustment and what they tell you in Art School is true… staying motivated may be difficult but for me finding the time has been harder. However, in spite of the lack of time left once you are working I am still finding these small […]

50°39’21.0″N 1°28’06.9″W

Moving away from stacking directly on the shelf, I began using sand to support fragmented porcelain pieces. This placement allows for distance between the individual pieces meaning I can make my work larger whilst the negative spaaces still retain interest. I initially used a board balanced on two stools while I felt this was a […]

Studio Thoughts

                                                                                                                                                    My heads too crowded There’s someone screaming about memories, whilst other calls to the cracks in my work. This porcelain is like skin, but its delicacy is sharp. The charcoal lines dance on paper before me, black fading to greys which disappear into the white paper begging for marks. […]

Shanya Lieb

Glass sculptor, Lieb is an american artist Known for her glass blowing. She graduated with an MFA in 2003 specialising in glass and metalwork. she is influenced by music and considers her artwork to be a reflection of musical composition often considering the material to be a physical representation of sound.  You can clearly see […]

Suzie Mcmurray

Looking at the work of Susie MacMurray, I enjoy her playfulness with materials she describes herself as an alchemist and I relate to this material practice and understand her juxtaposition of the found and made. ” Her work typically references the history of a space and merges the particularities of that history, the specifics of […]

The translucency of porcelain

High Fired porcelain wall mounted After some experimentation I have come to understand the two valuable components that allow porcelain to become translucent.  My porcelain has always been fairly fine when it comes to its thickness however now I further the rolling process to gain a much finer material, this thinness is one of the […]

Studio Wall February 2018

Currently Enjoying my wall of inspiration, the photographs are from my recent fossiling trips along with my own glazes on hand cut ceramic tiles, the drawings are a mix of palaeontology illustrations and drawings of my own fossils.       As with all studio spaces they begin clear mine then gets covered in porcelain, […]