Glass sculptor, Lieb is an american artist Known for her glass blowing.

She graduated with an MFA in 2003 specialising in glass and metalwork. she is influenced by music and considers her artwork to be a reflection of musical composition often considering the material to be a physical representation of sound. 

You can clearly see Liebs connection to the sea (having grown up on the coast of California) through the natural coral like forms of her work they are mimetic of organic lifeforms frozen in time. 


I am interspersed in the mimicking of natural forms without being truly representational. The concept of making something appear natural without actually replication something appeals to me and I hope to investigate this through my making with ceramic.

“The things I find beautiful have always been fractal in nature.  I am intrigued by multitudes of tiny little parts- blades of grass all bending in the wind to the same rhythm.  As you pan out you have waves of form.  Zoom in and you see each individual blade of grass moving to the flow of the wind.”

More of Shanya’s Work Available Here