Jennine Marchand

Marchand uses white clay in a similar way to my initial experiments at the beginning of my MA, after investigating her work more thoughtfully I can see similarities in our understanding allowing us to manipulate the material of clay in similar ways, after looking at her work ‘bowl’ I can see how a potters wheel […]

Experimenting with Projectors and Porcelain

Unfortunately the old light I used for photographing my work has been broken and not replaced, so I ended up having to improvise using an old overhead projector. This created a good strong light but is  a slightly warm light… I would like to try a cooler more neutral light in the future, to begin […]

The translucency of porcelain

High Fired porcelain wall mounted After some experimentation I have come to understand the two valuable components that allow porcelain to become translucent.  My porcelain has always been fairly fine when it comes to its thickness however now I further the rolling process to gain a much finer material, this thinness is one of the […]