Marchand uses white clay in a similar way to my initial experiments at the beginning of my MA, after investigating her work more thoughtfully I can see similarities in our understanding allowing us to manipulate the material of clay in similar ways, after looking at her work ‘bowl’ I can see how a potters wheel would aid practice and throwing doesn’t necessarily mean ‘functional ware’, it is something I will investigate in the future perhaps after the masters. 

I enjoy the purity of white clay and the skin-like quality of the clay, the folds emphasise the bodily like quality of both the material and piece.


Artist Statement:

The concepts I develop are a formal response to my estimation of the moment.

Interpretation is based on the viewer’s previous experiences.

Some forms emerge from wheel-thrown vessels while others are slab built.

The products are monochromatic sculptures that are refined to achieve a smooth surface that is sensitive to illumination.

Departing from curiosity, I aspire to heighten awareness of everyday sensorial experiences, highlighting what incited a question or reaction.

It is curiosity which invites me to explore memory and emotions, finding a sensual language in the lights and shadows of malleable white clay.