Fossiling Adventures on the North coast

With our fantastic dinosaur discoveries here on the Isle of Wight the wonders of our lovely north coast are often overlooked and neglected. Across this lesser publicised coast lies a variety of exiting prehistoric discoveries ready for any avid fossil hunter. From ancient Crocodilian teeth to Ice Age tusks and the microscopic specimens in-between, this […]

Drawing a Life-size Sauropod Vertebra illustration

How to challenge yourself by drawing a Huge sauropod vertebra life-size in colour!
the biggest (quite literally) scientific illustration I have worked on so far, have a look at how a drawing develops over time and how colour effects the drawing process.

50°39’21.0″N 1°28’06.9″W

Moving away from stacking directly on the shelf, I began using sand to support fragmented porcelain pieces. This placement allows for distance between the individual pieces meaning I can make my work larger whilst the negative spaaces still retain interest. I initially used a board balanced on two stools while I felt this was a […]

A Brief Introduction to the Geology of Isle Of Wight

Just a short write up about some of the islands geology. On the isle of wight we are exceptionally lucky with our geology due to the expanse of different time periods available to us. Fossiling areas range from a few thousand years old (the more northern side of the island), to one hundred and twenty-five […]