Drawing a Life-size Sauropod Vertebra illustration

How to challenge yourself by drawing a Huge sauropod vertebra life-size in colour!
the biggest (quite literally) scientific illustration I have worked on so far, have a look at how a drawing develops over time and how colour effects the drawing process.

A New Chapter

The Past few months have been a strange period of mass adjustment and what they tell you in Art School is true… staying motivated may be difficult but for me finding the time has been harder. However, in spite of the lack of time left once you are working I am still finding these small […]

Studio Thoughts

                                                                                                                                                    My heads too crowded There’s someone screaming about memories, whilst other calls to the cracks in my work. This porcelain is like skin, but its delicacy is sharp. The charcoal lines dance on paper before me, black fading to greys which disappear into the white paper begging for marks. […]

Experimenting with Projectors and Porcelain

Unfortunately the old light I used for photographing my work has been broken and not replaced, so I ended up having to improvise using an old overhead projector. This created a good strong light but is  a slightly warm light… I would like to try a cooler more neutral light in the future, to begin […]


March 20, 2018 CONTEMPLATING THE CURRENT POSITION OF MY PRACTICE 20/03/2018 I have been considering where my practice currently lies and after conversations I consider myself to be interdisciplinary however I contemplate what this means to be interdisciplinary. To be inspired by another discipline as palaeontology inspires me to bring in this other understanding and […]