Yesterday I re-visited the fossil slabs at Yaverland, this time I was lucky enough to have some help to move the larger slabs further onto the beach. Once again it was a very hot day and moving the rocks made it almost unbearable. after this week in the studio I wanted to  revisit the landscape with the idea of balancing but I wanted to do it slightly differently. I tried several experiments but I am not entirely happy with the outcome, I felt under pressure as  I was taking a long time and had others relying on me, in the future I will work solitary as this allows me more time to think and allows me to feel more free in my creative choices. 


I became very interested in the gaps between the slabs both horizontal and vertical, I wanted the elements to at first appear to be supporting one another but on closer inspection see that there was no physical connection between the two. Where the pieces are on the edge held vertically they are supported only by the sand, I enjoy this theme of balance and the notion of jeopardy or falling, it is reminiscent for me of the Red Cliffs.