These are the cliffs I walk, under, over, again and again and again. These are the Cliffs I re-visit retracing new steps each time. My insignificant world shifts and buckles yet these remain a symbol of a constant, I watch them evolve, watch the rocks tumble down sometimes sand gently running down its surface. The shadows shift across the day, when evening comes they deepen casting below into darkness, in the darkness it is cool escaping the heat of the afternoon sun. Here, here I walk with my camera under overhangs that tower above me wary of natures courses and in constant awe. 

At the end of this walk just after turning to walk home I decided to walk through a build up of shingle, as often bits of fossilized bone become trapped in there. as I was walking I happen to see an ammonite in some clay that had split lying on the sand, its not entirely there but I found one missing part to reunite, I love the preservation on this and how the missing parts are still hinted at through the impression in the clay.