A large Turitella

Fossiling at Bracklesham is normally a rewarding trip when it comes to finds, my first trips out there were rather unsuccessful only finding bivalves and Turitella shells. However my subsequent returns have been far more successful normally finding a few sharks teeth on each trip. (post on shark teeth available here).

The fossils here are roughly between 45- 50 million years old, this is perhaps one of the easier places to fossil as the specimens are simply scattered along the beach where they have been washed out by the sea. it is best to go down at the end of a falling tide to give the best area of beach and the most amount of time, the profile of the beach is quite flat thus the sea comes in fairly rapidly. 

As an experience of fossilng goes is is one of ease, I often visit the beach as its easily accessible from Chichester and takes me around an hour from my home in Pagham. I personally enjoy this beach however I miss the overpowering cliffs of my other fossiling locations, here is simple and easy but fairly predictable, there are always finds available on the beach. 

Bivalves From Bracklesham