Pause - Self portrait 2023

Artists Statement

Being out in the landscape is fundamental to my work, the experience of raw elements is something I am keen to reflect in my practice. Inspired by exploring the natural environment through both walking in the landscape and the science of palaeontology and geology, I’m influenced by Victorian monographs and scientific illustrations. I am keen to continue the conversation between artists and scientists. When making works I enjoy manipulating materials exploring shape, form, texture and surface, and developing pieces containing the themes of fragility, time and harmony. By placing materials with juxtaposing qualities such as surface texture, I hope to evoke the viewers’ enquiry into material, I am interested in the tactile quality of material and creating haptic visuality with my pieces.

Initial pigment investigations

The beginning of my research into local pigments found in the rich geology of the Isle of Wight. With further investigation into material making from found and processed pigments. 

Wealden beds
Pigment gathering in the Wealden beds
Wealden clay grinding
Initial wax crayon making
Melted wax and pigments in moulds
Testing the first wax crayons
Pigment foraging - Ryde Formation
Paint mulling
Early paint experiments
Initial paint making
Initial paint swatches
Experiments and book on exhibition at Quay Arts

Creative Biosphere project

A year long artist residency in a school working with cultural Partner Independent Arts. Together we creatively explored the biosphere reserve status of the Isle of Wight. We had three exhibitions throughout the project along with a legacy final piece, a 4 ton carved stone. 

ACE funded project in partnership with AONB, the Island Collection and IWCEP.

The stone with marks of explorations by myself and the students
Carving into the final piece
Rubble as part of exhibit
cabinet from interim exhibition of project.
Close up of "Time"
Time, instillation of negatives and cyanotypes documenting the biosphere reserve
Close up of wire stone
Close up of "Time"
Creative Biosphere final exhibition work and my curation
Curation of final exhibition

Hear Her Voice

A short film created by Neoteric Dance company where I created five small figurative wire sculptures for use in the film. An ACE Funded project .

Works inspired by the landscape

Drawings and works inspired by the landscape, particularly the geology and palaeontology found on the Isle of Wight.

Atherfield - Photograph 2023
Cliff Drawing - Coloured pencil
Graphite drawing inspired by landscape 2020
Large works using natural tones
Investigation of landscape and colour

Working in palaeontology with scientists

Works inspired by the world of palaeontology, this journey through prehistory and place inspires most of my work. 

This includes working collaboratively with places such as Dinosaur Isle Museum and Southampton University. 

Edited and co-authored book with Dinosaur Isle Museum sharing the fossils of the Isle of Wight
New species reconstruction working with southampton university
Commission for museum doors
Specimen drawing of a new species I helped excavate - with thanks to Dinosaur Isle Museum
Drawing of my personal finds
Specimen drawing once conservation and preparation were complete - With thanks to Dinosaur Isle Museum

Commissions and projects

Creative Chronicle
Drawing from Through Her Eyes - Neoteric dance company ACE project.

Projects and commissions 


AONB- Prospectus design

Blue Plaques Project – ran workshops to create works and curated exhibition, Independent Arts Isle of Wight 

Wavelength – delivery in ACE funded arts and science project with Independent Arts.

Creative Club, Young peoples arts award program- programming and delivery

Young creatives, young peoples art education- program and delivery

Supporting Young Minds, Independent Arts – delivering Arts Award sessions.

Mindful Moments, delivering and programming workshops supporting wellbeing through creativity. 




Creative Biosphere Exhibition  – ran workshops to create works and curated our area of the exhibition, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight 

Creative Biosphere year long artists residency, Isle of Wight

First Marks Exhibition – ran workshops to create works and curated exhibition, Independent Arts Isle of Wight 

Hear her Voice – Short film, sculptor,  – Neoteric Dance company 

Reconnect- creative practitioner,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight,

Creative Club, Young peoples arts award program- program and delivery

Young creatives, young peoples art education- program and delivery




Dinosaur Isle in 101 Fossils- designer & illustrator 

Creative Biosphere – year long artists residency, Isle of Wight. Independent Arts and IWEF.

Palaeo Doors – design and painting – Dinosaur Isle museum Isle of Wight 

The Landscape of Fossil Hunting – short film – shown at the Geological Society conference

Picture play – delivery of arts sessions to young children, Independent Arts.



Vectaerovenator inpopunatis – reconstruction, working with southampton university. 

Looking out from lockdown – curator and designer digital work ,  Independent Arts 

Islesolation gallery – curator and designer digital work,  Independent Arts 

Notable Newport – designer and painter, public work ,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight

Island Heritage colouring book – Illustrator & Designer,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight

Creative Chronicle 4 issues  – Illustrator and Designer,  Independent Arts 




Through Her Eyes – drawings as part of a film and dance project, Bristol, Neoteric Dance company 

Portfolio – art and mental health project, Independent Arts Isle of Wight

Celebrating age – ran creative workshops in residential homes to create works.

Mindfullness and soulfulness exhibit –  assisted curation and ran workshops in residential homes to create works.




More questions than answers – MA show Chichester University




33 – BA show University of Chichester