MA Fine Art – Chichester University – 2017 < 18

BA (HONS) – Chichester University -2014 < 17

Exhibitions & Projects


Creative Biosphere Exhibition  –  Quay Arts, Isle of Wight 

First Marks –  Independent Arts, Isle of Wight

Hear her Voice – Short film, sculptor,  – Neoteric Dance company 

Reconnect- creative practitioner,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight,


Dinosaur Isle in 101 Fossils- designer & illustrator 

Creative Biosphere year long artists residency, Isle of Wight

Palaeo Doors – Design and painting – Dinosaur Isle museum Isle of Wight 

The Landscape of Fossil Hunting – short film – shown at the Geological Society conference 


Vectaerovenator inpopunatis – reconstruction, working with southampton university. 

Looking out from lockdown – curator and designer digital work ,  Independent Arts 

Islesolation gallery – curator and designer digital work,  Independent Arts 

Notable Newport – designer and painter, public work ,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight

Island Heritage colouring book – Illustrator & Designer,  Independent Arts Isle of Wight

Creative Chronicle 4 issues  – Illustrator and Designer,  Independent Arts 



Hear Her voice – Drawings as part of a film and dance project, Bristol, Neoteric Dance company 

Portfolio – Art and mental health project, Independent Arts Isle of Wight


More questions than answers – MA show Chichester University


33 – BA show University of Chichester