Fossiling Adventures on the North coast

With our fantastic dinosaur discoveries here on the Isle of Wight the wonders of our lovely north coast are often overlooked and neglected. Across this lesser publicised coast lies a variety of exiting prehistoric discoveries ready for any avid fossil hunter. From ancient Crocodilian teeth to Ice Age tusks and the microscopic specimens in-between, this […]

A New Chapter

The Past few months have been a strange period of mass adjustment and what they tell you in Art School is true… staying motivated may be difficult but for me finding the time has been harder. However, in spite of the lack of time left once you are working I am still finding these small […]

Collecting In Shanklin

Several moths ago I was introduced to collecting fossils on Shanklin beach, here the cliff exposure changes along the bay however, the beach huts and sea defenses mean that the cliff is not being eroded by the sea in the same way as somewhere like Yaveraland. Instead here we are interested in the beach exposures […]

Fossil Slabs Second Experiment

Yesterday I re-visited the fossil slabs at Yaverland, this time I was lucky enough to have some help to move the larger slabs further onto the beach. Once again it was a very hot day and moving the rocks made it almost unbearable. after this week in the studio I wanted to  revisit the landscape […]

Re-walking the Red Cliffs

These are the cliffs I walk, under, over, again and again and again. These are the Cliffs I re-visit retracing new steps each time. My insignificant world shifts and buckles yet these remain a symbol of a constant, I watch them evolve, watch the rocks tumble down sometimes sand gently running down its surface. The […]

Fossil Slabs Beach Experiment

For some time I have been wanting to experiment with some fossil slabs on Yaverland beach. the slabs themselves contain many fossilized shells along with the occasional more interesting piece such as a shark fin spine or pieces of fish and ammonites. My work began on a very warm summers day with one pile of […]

Shark Teeth Of Bracklesham

A range of Fossilised Sharks Teeth A Collection Of Fossilised Teeth One Of the best fossiling finds at Bracklesham is shark teeth, these range greatly in size some being less than a centimetre to over 4. prehistoric sharks alike modern sharks continually shed teeth hence they become so common and can be collected in abundance. […]

Fossiling In Bracklesham

A large Turitella Fossiling at Bracklesham is normally a rewarding trip when it comes to finds, my first trips out there were rather unsuccessful only finding bivalves and Turitella shells. However my subsequent returns have been far more successful normally finding a few sharks teeth on each trip. (post on shark teeth available here). The […]