As it has been for everyone the past couple of years has been full of changes and strangeness. I realised that I hadn’t written a blog for some time, several years in fact, so I thought I’d fix that.
In the past couple of years, I have been very fortunate to be inundated with work and projects including the amazing creative biosphere project. For this project I was lucky enough to ba an artist in residence with a school and share the incredible island we all live on. This project had its phenominal ups and of course a few downs but overall together we acoumplised some brilliant work that will probably outlive the school itself (yes I did a large stone carving). This also ended with a fab exhibition at Quay Arts which was a joy to curate our part of the exhibit.

Whilst undertaking this project I also continued to work on other smaller works and projects absolutely filling my shedule. It was brilliant but very tiring, so I’m currenlty allowing myself some breatheing space to get back to my own practice and what make things tick.
Several exciting projects in the pipline but also some time to refresh.

Already this year I have been out on a Dig, found more bits of dead stuff and conserving a lovely prehistoric turtle I have recentlty found (its cretaceous for all you palaeo geeks you know that means its exta exciting) – this being any good it will head to the musuem, time will tell.

Working on the exhibition at Quay Arts
Recent Find of an Iguanodon Vertebrae